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Virtual asset is one of the most innovative digital technology existing today, but there are some analog inconveniences that hinders practical usage. Some of the difficulties are: 1. cumbersome asset management due to different virtual assets listed on various exchanges, and 2. the complicated transfer process in which a complex and long wallet address must be entered each time. Another issue is that because the virtual assets are only traded on the exchange, and they do not have a daily usage. To address such problems, Cryptobank presents an optimized platform for smart virtual asset management and usage.

In a way, Cryptobank is the virtual asset version of the popular app Toss in Korea. Toss integrates several accounts different banks and financial institutions. Using the exchange’s API key, users can manage various virtual assets with one application. By registering friends, transfers and remittances can be made in few easy steps. Also, the user can deposit their virtual assets in the Cryptobank custodial (trusted) account to make real-time payments with virtual assets any time at the affiliated stores.

Cryptobank enables virtual payments with a single QR through a patented technology called the Two-Way QR system, which is compatible with various existing payments such as Kakao Pay and Zero Pay in Korea. With the recent outbreak of Covid-19, the global society has been plunged into a non-contact culture. In such environment, QR payment is rapidly emerging as the an ideal non-contact payment system. Keeping pace with such changing times, Cryptobank offers a convenient integrated solution that enables the real-time payment and settlement using virtual assets.

Virtual asset management service

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