Cryptobank Expands Domestic and Overseas Payment Affiliates Through Cooperation with Swept

2 min readFeb 10, 2021


Cryptobank has formed a business agreement between SWEPT, a fintech company that provides easy payment and settlement system services. Cryptobank app will make payment possible for virtual assets at various domestic and overseas affiliates.

SWEPT is a fintech company that provides simple payment settlement and system management services for virtual assets and is a subsidiary of Dubitnarae Soft, a company specializing in simple payment QR technology. Dubitnarae Soft, the same company of Swept, has recently cooperated with companies such as Korea Financial Telecommunications and Clearings Institute to prove its ability by promoting a real simple payment QR code relay service business.

Cryptobank is planning to introduce a virtual asset settlement and settlement system through this business agreement with SWEPT. Within the Cryptobank app, consumers will be able to make simple payments with their virtual assets, and merchants will be settled in cash by period in the same way as the existing PG company settlement method. In this way, we will provide convenience to both consumers and affiliates that are no different from the payment and settlement experience in the real payment market. With these advantages, we are looking forward to securing various domestic/overseas partners and affiliated stores.

As many technology companies have recently declared that they will use Bitcoin as a payment method, Cryptobank has realized that the real economy of virtual assets is approaching. The collaboration between Cryptobank and SWEPT is expected to bring a major change in the virtual asset settlement market based on securing domestic and overseas real franchises and a secure simple settlement system.

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