Crypto Bank Collaborates with Star Donation on Virtual Asset Donation

Cryptobank is participating in a donation which is hosted by Star donation , a charity founded by Korean celebrities. You can donate your virtual asset by using the Cryptobank application.

Star donation is a nonprofit organization founded by Korean celebrities and more than 400 celebrities participated in the activities. Current event, ’Twinkle Donation Concert’ presents Jang Hyeok-Jae of Soriel, Soul Maestro Danny Jung (Saxophonist), Lee Se-Jun of Yurisangja, popera artist Kim Su-jin, singer and musical actor Lisa, and many more.

The specialty of this event is that you can donate through your virtual asset. The donation service on the app will be available before and after the concert. The user will be able to donate to Thanksgiving Star Donation in BTC or ETH. Donation is hassle-free, as the donation amount is entered in KRW.

Cryptobank is exerting our utmost effort to expand the on-and offline payment market of virtual assets hoping to establish more affiliations with other charities to create instant payment and donation systems on the app.

Virtual asset management service

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