CBNK, Planning to Acquire TMTG and LBXC

2 min readJan 20, 2021


Cryptocurrency service provider CBNK Ltd. announced the acquisition of gold-based cryptocurrency The Midas Touch Gold (TMTG) and bio-health platform token Lux Bio Exchange Coin (LBXC).

CBNK Ltd. has recently acquired Crypto Bank, a comprehensive finance solution provider. Crypto Bank has listed its C-BANK token on one of the largest virtual asset finance market, Coinone.

The gold-based cryptocurrency TMTG is a platform token for an upcoming online gold exchange platform. The token is listed on many virtual asset finance markets and has gained the investors’ recognition for its vision.

LBXC is a bio-healthcare platform token. Bio-healthcare is a field of treatment that utilizes cellular and bio-molecular processes. LBXC aims to develop into a comprehensive healthcare platform that provides advanced medical treatments using stem cells. While stem cell treatment’s effectiveness differs among scholars and experts now, the technology certainly has vast potential.

CBNK has proved its discernment with the successful acquisition of Crypto Bank. The ardent progress continues, as CBNK strives to meet the investors’ expectations with the acquisition of TMTG and LBXC.

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